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Built between the two World Wars, St Elisabeth's Institution was originally meant to be a private house for Baltic Germans. When the Soviet occupation took over, it was made into a psychiatric hospital, and when the descendants of the previous owner regained the ownership of the house after the Soviet occupation's collapse, they decided to restore it and keep it as a place for people in need.

Taissa | 17 | Self-Harm (Cutting & Anorexia) | FC: Taissa Farmiga

Taissa had always been the girl with the quick wit and golden fists. She wasn’t afraid to fight, she never had been afraid to fight, that was the reason that she was sent to Saint Elisabeth – fighting. School had never been easy for the girl, not because she wasn’t smart enough (she was), but it was the fact that no one exactly liked her. They thought she was weird, morbid – no one wanted to be near the girl, and if they did, they were only there to cause trouble. After being pulled into the counselor’s office, and being forced to talk, did everyone realize her problem. Taissa hated herself, she didn’t even want to be alive anymore, and the self harm was evident. Cutting, starving – she just wanted out. And the best place to send her, Saint Elisabeth, of course. 

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